Expense Management

As employment laws and expense rules keep changing, employers must balance their budgets and policies while keeping a close eye on their financial transactions. WORXPremier Expense Management offers an automated solution to streamline processes, stay compliant with regulations, and encourage active employee involvement in expense reporting—all without requiring extra software.

Streamline Expense Reporting

Empower employees and managers to easily submit, review, and approve individual expense records, even when they’re on the move, thanks to convenient trip and guest shortcuts. Employees can access complete transparency regarding their expense status, payment history, and contributions to personal tax statements, whether they’re at their desks or traveling.

Leverage Configurable Processes

Effortlessly monitor expenses based on their business purpose, department, and other specific categories, including data from WORXPremier Payroll and your financial general ledger. Administrators can access a unified perspective of approval processes, analytical dashboards, and comprehensive reports.

Ensure Compliance & Security

By utilizing a unified record-keeping system, administrators can efficiently manage all aspects of expense and tax reporting to enhance compliance. Automated alerts also help minimize security risks, fraud, and potential business liabilities.

Features & Benefits

Expense Management


Empower employees to manage their own expenditures, resulting in faster reimbursement


Expense reporting process streamlined with easy-to-use single system of record


Increased operational efficiency with regulation compliance, reduced administrative burden, and minimization of errors


Ensure employees are spending within budget and according to expense policy


Automated workflow that alerts employees when expense reports are incomplete or incorrect


Real-time insight while reducing overhead cost and improved visibility


WORX brings scheduling, payroll, vacation requests and more into a single portal that easily integrates with your other systems.

Employees are your most valuable asset. Having the right tools helps you take care of your employees and keep your business running. By consolidating these tools into a single portal, you can streamline processes and create efficiencies that save you time and money.

With the WORX Payroll suite of tools, you can manage employee payroll, time & attendance, onboarding, and more from a single portal that provides a comprehensive solution. These solutions are backed by experience and expertise, so you can feel confident that WORX Payroll will guide you and your team on the road to success.

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